Why should they care?

We believe that ‘smart’ design can impact your business and increase your brand equity. Our approach starts with a deep dive into your organization, the project goals, challenges, intended audience, and market opportunities. This process allows us to position your brand by understanding your product, your user, and the competitive marketplace. The result is a comprehensive Brand DNA that serves as the foundation for communicating and resonating with your customers.

Brand Strategy

A brand is not a logo, slogan, website, storefront, or packaging. A brand is a set of ideals and values that hold a special place in the minds and hearts of consumers. To achieve this we work to identify a brand’s purpose, define its positioning, establish relevance with target users, and map out a communications plan.


Much like people, a brand name is an important point of reference that establishes a tone and may imply purpose or intrinsic value. It can quickly communicate the attitude of the brand. Is it a Bill or a Bradford? We assess many characteristics including stickiness, sound, appearance, and simplicity, but it ultimately depends on what fits best.

Identity Design

If you’re going to the party make sure that you’re dressed appropriately. Identity design visually communicates a brand’s promise and values, establishes a clear point of difference, and minimizes risk by resonating with customers. “90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual,” and “visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text.” Sources: 3M Corporation and Nabisco via hubspot.com

Product Development

While product development is often assigned to a production department or R&D team, we can help ideate, design, prototype, and test new products that organically complement a brand. Our teams are experienced in apparel, outerwear, leather goods, beverages, spirits, and various other consumer goods.