Competitive Advantage Supplement Packaging

Competitive Advantage Sciences

Founded by NFL great Ray Lewis and Social Celebrity Nick Bateman, Competitive Advantage® is the world’s most advanced, all-natural, nano delivered, phytocannabinoid formulation. It was specially designed to enhance the human body’s ability to perform and recover from competitive tasks.

Together with the Competitive Advantage team we strategically decided to develop the brand image irrespective of the ingredient to encourage trial amongst the largest possible market. While CBD as an ingredient is novel today, the future risks regarding regulation are real and outside of our control. We, therefore, determined that the reward for developing a long-term brand positioned around peak-performance far outweighed an ingredient-based approach.

Our Tasks

  • Ethnographic Research
  • Brand Development
  • Copy Writing
  • Identity Design
  • Photo Literacy
  • Touch Point Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Web Development
  • Project Management
Competitive Advantage Logo

The logo was inspired by the concept of "peak performance" Through our research, we found that the triangle has long been considered to be the strongest geometric shape. The final logois made up of 3 triangles, one of which is the letter'A' and both of which support the letter 'C' (Competitive). We selected Abel Pro as the typeface due to its clean, lean, no-nonsense appeal.

“More and more retailers are also committing shelf-space to sports nutrition, which is helping to introduce less sophisticated users to the category” Chris Schmidt, consumer health analyst at Euromonitor, told NutraIngredients-USA.”