Égal Dance

Founded by ABT Principal Dancer Misty Copeland, Égal Dance is for active lifestyles seeking highly functional products that meet the rigorous demands of professional dancers and style-savvy fashion enthusiasts.

The brand’s positioning inspires people to achieve their perfect balance. It’s about balancing life and well-being. Becoming the person you deserve to be. When we speak of hard work, determination, discipline and dedication there is no difference between an urban mom and a dancer, a ballerina, and a boxer, or a dancer and a sprinter. In mathematics when there is no difference then all is equal. Égal.

Music in Video: “Hong Kong Garden” By Siouxsie and the Banshees

Our Tasks

  • Ethnographic Research
  • Brand Development
  • Positioning
  • Naming
  • Copy Writing
  • Logo Design
  • Visual Language
  • Email Marketing Design
  • Vendor Management
Égal Dance Wear photo of logo and tagline,
Égal Dance Wear photo of branded leotard on female model

Target Psychographic

female model with glasses

He or she is driven by self, image, expression, and recognition. Being the goal-oriented ‘achievers’ that they are; this psychographic is keen on improving their quality of life through activities that vary from fitness to fashion and indulgence to social responsibility. They are big on authenticity, trust, and innovation. They like to purchase brands that align with their values as these serve as social indicators to others — See me and know me. While they may not all be ‘explorers’ in the traditional sense, they are all interested in ‘newness’ provided that it comes with credibility and value. Mobility is a key emotional driver in all aspects; they yearn to be seen as social upward, forward thinking, and strive to be first to anything.

Industry Data

Performance Apparel statistics

“Nike and Under Armour, whose customers are mostly men, want to do a better job of tackling the women’s market. Nike is hoping sales of sports bras, tights and other women’s gear can add $2 billion to annual sales by 2017. Under Armour has said its $500-million women’s business can one day be as big if not bigger than its men’s business.”