Pusser's Rum

Spil© repositioned Pusser’s Rum, established a new visual language, and crafted a more engaging tone of voice and messaging.


Brand Positioning

Visual Language & Messaging

POS & Merchandise Design


British Naval Spirit

Pusser’s Rum is fearless, stylish, and cheeky. Pusser’s Rum is positioned as a premium worldly brand steeped in timeless elegance with boyish humour. The tone of voice is playful, worldly, and dry.

Spil© simplified the primary brand logotype and crafted a companion mark for the Painkiller®, Pusser's own trademarked cocktail.


The new positioning and messaging was launched online and through email marketing.

Branded Goods

We created a collection of branded apparel and products to maximize eCommerce conversions, round out the brand narrative, and increase customer lifetime value.