Spil© repositioned Plymouth Gin for the U.S. market, established a new visual language, and crafted a more engaging tone of voice for digital media.


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Age is just a number and for Plymouth Gin  its 1793. Facing a tyranny of choice and equipped with limited category knowledge, consumers can trust Plymouth Gin’s pedigree of leadership. They’re so old they helped British sailors combat scurvy!


Many U.S. consumers do not know enough about Gin to feel confident purchasing it and have had negative experiences with low quality juniper-heavy products.


The tyranny of choice in the modern world is anxiety inducing, multi generational, growing and affecting gin. The abundance of brands on the shelf add to the clutter and confusion.


The gin category is “jumping the shark.” From different color gins to those with innumerable and needless ingredients, everyone is desperately trying to be the sexiest, coolest, craftiest, quirkiest gin ever made.


Old Wise. Est. 1793

Plymouth Gin is confident, simple, and affable. The Plymouth Gin mission is to cut through the clutter promoting intent and clarity with wisdom and humor. Their tone of voice is direct, unpretentious, informative, and witty.

Plymouth Gin is positioned for curious consumers seeking honest brands with greater depth, Plymouth is the brand of gin that sets the precedent for modern varieties providing leadership and expertise within a complex category. Unlike other gin brands that try too hard and are often overly botanical, Plymouth’s citrus flavor notes remain approachable and true to its 1793 recipe.

Social Media Highlights

We are results driven organization that relies on data to measure creative performance. Over six months, Spil© created, distributed, and managed organic and paid social media for Plymouth Gin in the U.S.


6.4%+  —  Followers

2.9M  —  Impressions

21k+  —  Engaged Users

500k+  —  Reach


22%+  —  Fans

4.9M  —  Impressions

166k  —  Engagements

68k+  —  Reach


1.2M  —  Reach

2.8%  —  Results Rate

CPC  —  $0.79

$13  —  CPM Reached

Customer Journey Programs

Spil© designed and deployed various programs that align with specific stages of the customer journey.
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