The Top 5 Benefits of Email to Marketing Communication

With the emergence of new social media channels, you might think that email marketing is obsolete and shouldn’t be included in your marketing strategy anymore. Research shows, however, that while a Facebook or Twitter post has a life of only a few hours, an e-mail can influence people for up to 12 days afterward. Besides durable persuasion, this technique entails other advantages that meet marketing objectives and build community.

01. Segmentation
You can readily choose who you need to send an email to from your subscriber list. That way, you only send personalized messages and target precisely those people who are more likely to react positively to a certain approach. You can diversify and adapt an advertising campaign to meet the needs and personality of a certain audience, even if you keep a central theme throughout the variations. You’re also addressing people who have chosen to receive more news from you. Since they subscribed, it follows that they’re interested in what you have to say, so your pitch is 50 percent successful already.

02. Profit
A study conducted by the Direct Marketing Association shows that email marketing brings a great return of investment, reaching almost 40 times the sum invested. Since profit is the reason for which all businesses exist, this effective tool can help you meet your financial goals. Email marketing doesn’t cost much compared to traditional advertising channels, which are less credible, less personal, and less likely to be noticed than an email to which people have subscribed. You will need to invest in a special software for tracking and evaluating your emails, but the cost of these programs are lower than, for example, a TV commercial and leaves more room to be creative.

03. Connection
Since you can target your audience specifically, you can also write personalized messages to people, which will make them feel special and appreciated. You can also exercise a stronger power of persuasion, since you’ll know exactly what to say to them. Your emails can be shared and forwarded, so if your customers are impressed, they too can spread the news and become your business’s advocates.

04. Effective Measuring
Every advertising campaign has to produce calculable results. While some social media channels may have vague and immeasurable effects, with email marketing you’ll be able to measure subscriber retention rates, open rates, click-to-deliver rates, and delivery rates. This will give you strong insight on the total effectiveness of your campaign because you’ll know how many of your subscribers act as a result of your message and what their actions are. You also will have collected useful supplementary information about your audience, which you can further use when writing fresh content or starting new campaigns.

05. Brand Awareness
The best way to ensure that your customers continue to choose your brand is by remaining at the top of their minds, in their “imaginary shopping list.” You can easily use email marketing to remind them about your brand, to provide them interesting news, and even to ask them what they’d like to read next. You’ll be strengthening the connection with your customers while building the bases of loyal friendships. By moving the boundaries of your relationship from the economic to the personal realm, you increase the likelihood of people buying your products.

Email marketing is one of the best techniques to deliver high returns of investment. Not only is it a cost-effective tool, but if properly handled, it also can increase your reputation as well as consumer awareness and loyalty; making it key component of your branding process.

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