The Game Has Changed...Again Top Takeaways For Businesses In The Time of COVID-19

Many businesses were going 90 MPH when the world and the nation took a sharp, unexpected turn slamming on the brakes because of the pandemic. We put this guide together based on our observations and experiences with our clients who are climbing out of the trenches, resetting expectations, and shifting their products and brand messaging to meet the times.


Words have never mattered more. Authenticity is still key, but sensitivity, compassion, and empathy must lead. Showing you understand what consumers are going through and shaping your message to be more about them and less about you. We recommend staying out of the political fray and directly address how your business is adapting to the major changes occurring in everyday life.

This Angel Soft toilet paper commercial is a great example of how brands can reassure consumers while highlighting changes they are making to meet the demand for toilet paper.

Also, consider media consumption habits. Consumers in major markets are not commuting and are moving across devices throughout the day. Analyze changes in consumption patterns and update creative accordingly.


Can your company pivot to produce a product consumers need right now? We are heartened to see how distilleries and clothing companies have risen to the occasion by producing hand sanitizer and face masks.
Can your business adapt to change? If your brand value proposition is product agnostic then it’s easier to pivot to other products or services and still continue building your brand.

It won’t be enough to communicate how your company is adapting on social media. The same consistency used to launch your brand should be used to communicate how your company is responding to the pandemic. Your hero image should be updated, email messaging, and even paid search ads need to be updated.

As you produce new content, give close consideration to tone and message. Write like the voice of a friend, speak to the fear, and provide useful information that stretches beyond your brand and your market. Educate. Inspire and shine a light on what post-COVID-19 looks like for your company.


Even before the pandemic brands approached social media with caution. Now it’s even more critical to put in practice the new standards you set for your business and communicate with clarity and compassion. United Airlines learned this the hard way. After having their communications executive go on every major news outlet telling consumers that United will be removing middle seats and practicing their version of social distancing, a passenger tweeted a photo of a packed airplane. The company was forced to adhere to its own policy after a strong backlash on social media.

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